Corporate Education

Continuing education for your employees and their family members

Pearson partners with corporations and associations to provide continuing education opportunities to their adult learners. Propero’s self-paced courses allow them to participate in courses that are grounded in reality…allowing real people to make real academic progress without sacrificing their busy work and personal schedules.

Tuition reimbursement optimization

Propero courses provide employees with a cost-effective way to complete their educational goals. This reduces your expense as an employer and allows your employees to maximize their tuition reimbursement, all while reducing debt and overall time commitments.

Provide a new educational pathway

Propero allows for strategic partnerships with local colleges and universities, while growing the academic expertise directly within the workplace.

With over 40 academic courses to choose from, employees can enroll in classes that will strengthen their professional knowledge or study a subject that has simply always been of interest.

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