Why form a Propero partnership?

Propero provides a way for higher education institutions and organizations to promote degree completion while retaining control over their academic programs. A partnership agreement typically outlines the courses the institution would like to offer, the institution’s agreement to provide students with college credit upon their successful completion of the courses, and any role the institution’s faculty or advisors will play in supporting students.

College administrators and their academic teams often participate in the student self-paced process. A college-designed implementation plan can include staff and faculty resources in student support and outcome management roles. Pearson works with partner colleges to include faculty and academic teams in the content mastery process.

Partner portals

Once a partnership agreement has been established with a college or university, Pearson provides a partner-branded portal where learners can sign into their self-paced courses. Each portal contains the specific courses that the partner would like to offer, a way to enroll in classes, and an everyday login center. The portals allow Propero students to easily access their award-winning, media-enriched classes in one convenient place.